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part history
Historical or alegorical interpretations of secret deals, moments in time, and interesting takes on real events in Meloburne's past
Part Tour
The app leads you through a 2 hour walking tour around the city of Melbourne
Part Theatre
Each secret is a re-enactment of a moment in time in the past, be in the place it happened, while listening to the actual re-enactment

What Our Customers Say

Great date My wife and I took this tour for our last date night, and had an awesome time. Interesting conversation from the strange stories about Melbourne.

Dale Hooper Google Play
The second unique aspect of this tour is that instead of listening to a history lecture, you are immersed in scenes from the past as if you were a fly on the wall. That means you listen to engaging little vignettes played out by experienced and convincing actors.
Nadine Cresswell-Myatt, Weekend Notes

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